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Award Winning Trim Trails

Stunning, creative and innovative trim trail design and build never before seen in the UK

  • Activity Wigwams
  • Wobbly Bridges
  • Cargo Nets
  • Somersault Bars
  • Fireman's Poles
  • Secret Tunnels
  • Rope Swings

Roberts endless imagination and creativity are the key to award winning trim trail designs which never cease to amaze clients

Award Winners

Stimulating Young Minds

Creating diverse adventure trim trails which stimulate and challenge the children into developing their latent skills.

"Since the adventure playground and trim trail went in, both attendance and behaviour at the school has shown a marked improvement."

Jaw dropping, sustainable, ecologically sound, school trim trail design

The UK's No 1 Award Winning Playground Designers

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Affordable Prices

Value for money, cost effective adventure school playground design incorporating trim trails, outdoor learning areas, scientific gardens and lots more.

Fun and exciting designs that improve children's balance, coordination and climbing ability.

Challenging designs are not only fun but essential in developing risk awareness and physical prowess.


Recent Projects

Demand is strong for our Robert's award winning adventure playgrounds and trim trails - in London and throughout the UK. Recent and current schools projects include

  • Swindon
  • Croydon
  • London
  • Birmingham
  • Oxford
  • Nottingham

Click below to see stunning examples of innovative ideas from the UK's No 1 playground company

Recent Projects

Trim Trails for Schools

Robert Sergent-Fairley has over 40 years  of experience in providing exciting Trim Trails for Children of all ages and all abilities.

Robert is not too keen on his creations being labelled as Trim Trails. He prefers to refer to them as Adventure Trails or as Exercise Trails or Outward Bound Trails or Jungle Trails.

His designs are of a very casual fashion whereby the Adventure equipment is positioned randomly around and within the designated area. Thus there are deliberately no actual start or finish points.

Children are permitted to form their own circuits (or Adventure Route) which Robert believes is far more exciting for them.

Robert also believes that children soon become bored with the classic delineated Trim Trail Circuits .

Kingsbury School Trim Trail >>
Hampstead School Trim Trail >>

Award Winning Trim Trail Design

Robert’s Open Plan Exercise Trails, allow children huge possibilities to be Inventive in their games.

Each day they can create Imaginative new Routes which lead them to greater feelings of self achievement and thus increase their self confidence.

Another key issue of Robert’s Trim Trails, is his constant usage of exciting planting in his Adventure Trails areas. He regularly intersperses the Activity Equipment with large Evergreen Shrubs and exciting Palm Trees, which he personally sources from specialists Nurseries in the UK and The Continent .

This follows his passionate ethos to “Green Up” as many children’s play areas as he is able.

Robert’s main aims in his Trim Trails areas are to make them fun for children whilst encouraging upper and lower body development, coordination, balancing, climbing, traversing and the general building of agility , fitness and stamina.

Awards >>

Natural & Sustainable Trim Trails

The visually appealing layouts of Robert’s designs complete with his stunning Plantings are a huge encouragement for Group Play whilst still allowing each child to attempt personal challenges and attain self achievements.

All Robert’s Exercise Trails are hand built , on site, by his personal Team .

All the timber used is carefully selected and is from Sustainable sources.

Robert’s Adventure Trails cover all aspects of exercise where children are encouraged to be Adventuresome and to take risks in an area which contains no unacceptable risks.

Costs for Roberts Trim Trails vary according to the size of the area and the number of items to be included.

However, his average Trim Trails cost between £30,000 and £80,000.

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