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Design Costs
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Price and Budgets - from £30,000

The total cost of a School Playground is totally dependant on its size and on the Design as supplied by  

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A very small EYFS Outside Play Area can cost as little as £ 30 000 ; an average size would normally cost between £ 50 000 and £70 000 ; a larger Play and Activity area for Key Stage 2 (including Climbing Platforms and Trim Trail items) generally costs between £70 000 and £160 000

Playground Costs



Robert Sergent-Fairley CHARGES NO FEES for his amazing school playground designs. The main items of expenditure are Preparation, Hard Landscaping, Construction of Play Houses and Activity Items and the Soft Landscaping.

Robert Sergent-Fairley requests payments as each School Playground Project proceeds with the final balance upon completion.

Average Cost - from £30,000

The style of Playground Planting greatly influences the overall Project cost ; Robert generally uses Minimum Maintenance Plants of an evergreen variety (as opposed to Deciduous plants) as he designs his School Play Areas to have All Year Interest appeal.

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He uses exciting trees (such as Palms, Olives, Loquats and Mimosas), Flowering Shrubs, Flowering Climbers  and dwarf Sensory plants with a myriad of colours and leaf textures (many of which are scented). The size and style of all these plants greatly affect the cost of Robert`s Playgrounds 

Prices of School Playgrounds

AFTER - Greenify Your School


As a guide, an average sized Key Stage 1 School Playground Area would cost £70,000 to totally re landscape. Further examples of costs of different sized playgrounds can be viewed on the Recent Designs Page.

However, many schools only require a portion of an existing School Playground to be landscaped. This smaller area would cost in the region of £30,000.

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