The Process of Building Constructing and Installing a Playground for Parks and Schools
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The Design Process

Robert has a totally unique method of working!

First he designs all the School Planting areas and then, with the remaining spaces, he designs the Play Equipment and the Activities Equipment.

Natural Playground Design

He decides on the choice and positioning of School Trees either for shelter, screening or viewing. These will ultimately be planted either in open ground or often in large wooden planters. He then concentrates on all the perimeters. For these, he plants a variety of evergreen shrubs.

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No Design Fees !

The design is totally FREE of CHARGE

Robert Sergent-Fairley makes NO CHARGES whatsoever for his consultations and supplies his famous hand drawn school playground designs totally FREE OF CHARGE.

He personally visits each school and spends several hours viewing the Grounds, taking measurements and discussing the children's requirements with the staff. Dependant on the size of the Playground Project, it generally takes Robert 3 days to complete his Design along with an estimate.

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Robert Sergent-Fairley is famous for his Stunning and Highly Imaginative Hand Drawn School Playground Designs which fully detail all his exciting Planting Plans together with his Amazing Designs of Play Equipment and Activity Equipment, all of which are hand crafted by his highly skilful Landscape Construction team.

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Playground Design by 'Rooms'

Dependant on the size of each School Playground, he often breaks up the area into “rooms” by means of hedging or wooden fencing.

Bridge Design

Still with screening, shading, sheltering and general interest in mind, Robert regularly uses Overhead Pergolas, Arches and Overhead Wooden Walkways between these “rooms”.

He also often includes these as a means of “breaking up” and adding interest to an empty space.

Planting Design

Robert never loses a planting opportunity and covers Pergolas, Arches and Walkways with a stunning range of climbers; these are generally evergreen, flowering and many are highly scented.

Plant Design

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Learning Centre Design

Whilst designing each Playground, Robert generally includes at least one multi purpose Wooden School Pavilion. These double as places to shelter and as Teaching or Learning areas.

Leaning Centre Design

These Pavilions vary from Thatched Octagonal Open Sided Wooden Buildings to Rectangular Outdoor School Buildings with wooden shingle rooves.

Beautiful climbing plants are used to scramble up and soften these Playground Buildings

Playground Seating Areas

Robert is also keen on providing Seating areas in his designs. Sitting areas for children and adults can be provided under trees or inside playground pavilions.

Playground Seating

He also designs large Seating Areas immediately adjacent to Activity Areas, Adventure Areas and Sports Areas.

Play Surfaces

Robert is totally against Wetpour, Concrete and Asphalt and avoids them whenever possible. His Magical Sensory Mosaic Pathways are incredibly popular with children

Play surfaces created from natural sustainable materials are the order of the day.

Fruit and Vegetable Gardens

Robert likes to include a Vegetable and Fruit Garden and a School Digging Area. A pile of old logs, which encourage Wild Life and a multitude of insects - which in turn become a Help Yourself Supermarket to Birds in winter.

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Wild Flower Areas and Wild Life

Garden InsectsWith Wild Life, Birds and Insects always in his mind, together with his passionate love of Nature, Robert’s trademark in all his designs is his use of wildflowers.

According to the size of each playground, Robert designs a Wildlife Environmental Area.

He also plants wildflowers along the hedgerows or in barren areas or basically in every conceivable place available.

If space permits, Robert also allows for a Wet Area or a Bog Garden (complete with suitable plants).

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Activity and Adventure Areas

Playground ActivityFinally, Robert turns his Incredible School Designs Techniques to School Play Structures, School Activity Areas and School Adventure Trails.

This part of his Schools Design Process is dependant on children's ages and abilities.

Robert designs specifically all his Playground Structures, Activity Areas and Adventure Trails for each individual school.

No two School Playground Designs of his have ever been the same but they are all Traditional, Exciting and Challenging

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Hard Landscaping

After site clearance and general preparation, all the Hard Landscaping is conducted - Sensory Mosaic Pathways, Deckings, Soft Areas, Fencing, Brickwork, Platforms, Play Structures, Tree Houses, Play Houses, Activity Structures, Adventure Areas, Music Structures, Pet Houses etc.

All timber used by Robert’s team is from Sustainable Sources; they hand make, hand build and hand construct all the School Play Buildings, Play Platforms, Activity Areas and Play Equipment.

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A Fairy Poem

The Wind Flower Fairy by Cecily Barker

While human-folk slumber,
The fairies espy
Stars without number
Sprinkling the sky.
The Winter's long sleeping,
Like night-time is done;
But day-stars are leaping
To welcome the sun.
Star-like they sprinkle
The wildwood with light;
Countless they twinkle-
The Windflowers white.

Retro Toys for Lively Kids!

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Playground Toys

Many of the graphics on this site feature retro design Toys by

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