Healthy Climbing and Activity Platforms
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Activity and Climbing Platforms - from £20,000

The Department for Education has recently announced that all schools must strive towards helping their pupils to become Healthier and more Active.
Health and Exercise is now a priority.

A few schools are already the proud possessors of Activity Frames and Multiplay platforms. However, many schools unfortunately have very few of these facilities or none whatsoever. Schools Playground Designers are the acknowledged Number 1 company in the design and construction of exciting and challenging School Activity Structures.

Climbing PlatformActivity Platform

For many years, they have concentrated on the construction of traditional free standing Timber Platforms which support a huge variety of Climbing Walls, Climbing Nets, Climbing Bars, Climbing Ropes and Firefighters poles.

Their Activity Platforms are generally 7 feet wide (2.10) and can be any length (according to both the space available and the budget available). In order to cater for children of varying abilities, heights and ages, they generally construct a lower and a higher Activity Platform, for each school; the two platforms being connected by a short set of steps with handrails.

Playground ActiviiesActivity Features

Their lower Activity Platform is normally between 3 feet (0.90) and 5 feet (1.50) high; their adjoining higher Activity Platform is generally between 6 feet (1.72) and 7 feet (2.10) high. Costs of these Climbing Platforms generally range from £30 000.00 upwards. However, smaller ones are possible from costs as low as £20 000.00. These Health and Exercise Multiplay platforms are a superb idea for all schools where either space or funds are limited.

Playground Activity and Feature Ideas

School infants will play happily for hours in one small grass area if it has a pathway around it, if it has a mound in the middle, a small tunnel, a few trees and a big old log. School seniors however would soon bore of this idea but would happily entertain themselves with a much larger expanse of grass, a few pathways, various sitting areas, a variety of climbing and swinging items a selection of trees and a huge box filled with every conceivable piece of sports equipment.

Playground ActiviiesMonkey BarsPlayground Features

Add to the above, a few “hands on” garden areas such as “A Wildflower Garden”, “A Vegetable Garden”, “A Fruit Garden”, “A Sensory Garden”, "A Sustainable Garden", “A Woodland Copse”, “A Bog Garden” a plain “Digging Area” and maybe “A Wildflower Meadow” and these would provide School Activities for all ages of School children



Wobbly Bridges
Clatter Bridges
Suspension Bridges
Wild Bridges
Jungle Bridges
Grass Mounds
Low Hills
Car Rolling Pipes
Ball Rolling Pipes
Winding Pathways
Water Pipes
Water Rills
Water Cascades
Water Ducts
Weighing Scales
Lifting Cranes
Lifting Buckets
Basket Ball Nets
Monkey Bars
Log Weavers
Stilt Weavers
Balance Beams
Somersault Bars
Pull Up Bars
Pedal Cars
Pulling Carts
Look Out Towers
Mini Slides
Long Slides
Climbing poles
Climbing Walls
Cargo Nets
Horizontal Nets
Firemens Poles
Tree Houses
Play Houses
Train Playhouses
Boat Playhouses

Activity Photos

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Steering Wheel
Rope Ladders
Twisting Slides
Parallel Ropes
Parallel Bars
Twizzle Swings
Rope Swings
Swing Steps
Swing Beams
Trapeze Bars
Acrobat Rings
Overhead Walkways
Rope Leaps
Mini Platforms
Stepping Stones
Sand Pits
Ships Wheel
Pulley Systems
Sports Boards
Toy Chests
Toy Boxes
Bird Boxes
Lean Tos
Tree Seats
Musical Chimes
Musical Pipes
Musical Batons
Hanging Pipes
Hanging Woods
Musical Bamboos
Wooden Xylaphones
African Drums
Tractor Playhouses

Key Stage One Activity Ideas

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Activity Playground for Older Children

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