An Exquisitely Jaw Dropping Sustainable School Play Ground Design for a bunch of Lucky Kids in Bethnal Green London
Banga Bandhu
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An Exquisitely Designed Playground For Outdoor Learning, Play and Physical Development - £320,000

'In all my years as a teacher I have never felt so much happiness and enthusiasm from my children as I now watch them in this incredible new Playground.
Robert has turned our old run down concrete jungle into a complete green Paradise.'

The main instruction from Banga Bandhu School in Bethnal Green was for the existing bland asphalt areas to be unified into a green and verdant oasis for outdoor learning and play. The other primary instruction was that there had to be ample opportunities for physical development. A strong emphasis was on the ability of the children to grow their own vegetables.

Gypsy CaravanAmongst the many outstanding Design Features are

  • A Fantasy Gypsy Caravan..............A First for Schools
  • The largest series of Play Platforms , Overhead Walkways, Jungle Bridges, Cargo Nets and Climbing Activities in all the Junior Schools in the entire U.K.
  • A Scientific Garden , complete with a Bog Garden and Natural Habitats
  • Vegetable Growing Areas in raised Timber planters
  • All Year Interest Sensory Planting in Raised Beds
  • Sheltered Seating Areas and 8 Friendship Arbours
  • A Quiet zone with a Timber Pavilion
  • A Huge Tyre Swing and A Wild Zip Wire
  • A 24 feet long Steel Slide
  • Adventure Tree Houses and Secret Hideaways
  • A Mosaic Water Rill with an Old Fashion English water Pump
  • An Outdoor Learning Octagonal Cedar Shingle Pavilion
  • Exotic Plantings of huge Bamboos, Palm Trees , Mimosas , Eucalypts , Tree Ferns, Olive Trees and Fig Trees

A further requirement was that amongst the many new trees and plants, there should be different small zones where the children can feel free to explore, to investigate, to find challenges, to develop their creative skills and to use their imagination to obtain personal achievements. Owing to the fact that the majority of these children live in flats on local estates, it was essential that this new playground should resemble a normal natural garden as much as possible with interesting green areas for outdoor learning.

'Two years ago , when Robert designed and constructed our Early Years Playground, we all thought it was the most fantastic thing since sliced bread!

However  now that he has also finished our  Junior Playground , it is so fantastic and Out of This World, that we all feel we have won The Lottery as it is even better than our Early Years Playground ! Robert has lived up to his name as the greatest School Playground Designer in the United Kingdom. This Playground will win Awards. '

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A Playground for the Luckiest Kids in London

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Quotes From the Head, Teachers, Parents and Children

I have never seen a School Playground like this.
This Playground is the Dream Playground of every school child all over the world.
I cannot believe that this was a desolate windswept asphalt and concrete area only 4 months ago ; it used to resemble the recreation yard in Slade Prison !
Our children were fascinated with every daily development and Robert’s team were brilliant in talking the children through each daily stage.
Nothing was too much trouble for Robert’s Team Leaders , Luis and Avni , who shared so much time with my staff and the pupils , to explain everything.
Each evening my children come home , all they talk about is this amazing playground with its massive towers and huge Palm Trees.
This Playground is so special , with so much for the children to do , that none of them can be bothered to play football any more.
This amazing natural Playground is so green and full of trees and plants that it is hard to imagine we are actually in the middle of the East End.
This Playground with all its Green Play and Learning zones has totally changed the entire atmosphere in our school.
Robert’s team have been a pleasure to work with and I have no hesitation in recommending them to schools.
Robert’s selection of Sensory plants is really beautiful.
I like the Olive trees and the big Palm Trees and the slide.
I like coming to school, because we don’t have a garden and this is like my own garden. Miss says we can grow the vegetables and cook them on the BBQ.
This is real well brill man !


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