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A Middlesex Playground Design for Children with Special Needs (SEN)

Special Needs Playground Design :: SEN Playground for Children in Middx - £320,000

The Design of a large open Middlesex SEN playground area for children of all ages, many with learning difficulties, behavioural difficulties,disabilities and special educational needs. The most important issues in the garden are that it must represent environmental, ecological, permacultural and sustainable issues.

This garden should also be intergenerational in order to cater for usage by the local community. The garden must be exciting and adventurous with areas of different interest and must be open so that children are visible at all times.

'Letting off steam' is to be encouraged through adventurous layouts and 'safe play'. In order to assist the children in their general personal development and in their understanding and enjoyment of the world around them, the playground should contain areas for drawing, painting , handicrafts, music and the growing of fruits and vegetables, all with wheelchair access.

Huge importance is to be placed in this garden on the planting. This must represent minimal maintenance and all year interest. Planting must reflect the changing seasons and should include sensory plants, scented climbers, and exotic items such as palm trees and tree ferns.

Owing to the very open nature of this SEN playground, in order for it to have maximum usage in all weathers, areas of shade and shelter must b included. These will serve as outdoor learning centres. Shelters must also be considered for parents and carers for picking up and dropping off the children.

This Special Educational Needs garden must be modern, traditional and timeless in order to cater for current and future generations of children.

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