Nottingham Inner City Community Garden and School Playground Design and Build
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Community Gardens and School Playground for Nottingham - £180,000

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The redesign of a very large and uninteresting Inner City Play Area in Nottingham

This was a totally open grass and dirt play space with a few established trees. The main criteria of this project was to provide the local children with as many opportunities as possible to play and learn in a natural green environment.

The emphasis was placed on the introduction of the children to sustainable environmental practices and the world of wild flowers and and insects, as well as practical experience in the growing of vegetables, fruit and herbs. To this end a vegetable garden was required and a stream.

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Community Play Grounds in Nottingham

In order to assist the children in their general personal development, this play garden contained a variety of activities. These included climbing and exercise areas, a play house, a magical tricycle pathway and a wild area for digging and making dens. Owing to the exposed nature of this play space, areas for shelter from the elements were provided. These included rigid open sided buildings to use as outdoor learning centres.

Huge importance in this project was placed on planting. A selection of evergreen climbers cover walls and fences. Other school planting included minimum maintenance all year interest plants, shrubs, seasonal trees, exotic plants, woodland plants, wild flowers, sensory plants and a variety of all season border flowers. Provision was also made for seating and resting areas for children, staff and visitors. This play area is interesting, exciting and timeless in order to cater for both current and future generations of children.

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