An amazing pirate boat for children designed and built from scratch for a client in Hong Kong!!!
Pirate Boat
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Custom Built Pirate Boat for a client in Hong Kong! - £66,000

An amazing 18th Century Pirate Boat, recreated by Robert and constructed by his ever popular Team.

This boat was constructed in sections in his London Workshop. It was then transported in Container ship to Hong Kong Robert and his Team travelled to Hong Kong, where they finalised the construction and added all the original and replica Accessories.

Pirate Boat

Robert`s personal family history of Maritime Admirals, Sea Captains and World Explorers, made it very simple for him to design and create a historical style Boat, which his predecessors had either sailed in or, fought against, over 200 years ago.

This particular Children`s Pirate Boat is every child`s dream; it is a unique creation by Robert and there has never been such an amazing one before.


Quotes From Client

" This Pirate Boat looks more original and 100 times better than all the Pirate Boats in the Caribbean films and the South Seas Pirate films!"

"Many people will be surprised when they hear that living here in Hong Kong, we commissioned you, all the way from England, to design and construct for us a Pirate Boat"

"We only have a limited space available and thus we required a Bespoke designed and constructed Pirate Boat"

"For one whole year, we contacted every possible leading Firm of Architects and Designers here in Hong Kong but nobody could help us"

"We widened our search throughout China and then the whole of Asia and even brought in the main Landscape Companies from Australia and New Zealand"

"Unfortunately, none of them could assist us. In desperation, we turned to the USA, where we found a large number of Pirate Boat construction companies; once again, we came up against a brick wall as they could only offer Modular designs which would not fit into our available space "

"It was pure chance that a Business Associate mentioned Robert`s Company in London. The rest is history! We never had any qualms in working with Robert and can totally recommend both himself and his incredibly gifted Team"


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