Another Stunning Playground design from Robert Fairley in Chelsea London
Chelsea SW10
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Hampshire School, Chelsea - £80,000

Design and Construction of a Multiplay Structure at a Prestigious Preparatory School



Quotes from the Head Teacher.

The Head of this school had spent 2 years, fruitlessly searching for a Playground Company who could design and construct, an exciting traditional Natural Play structure, for children up to the age of 13 years By sheer chance, at a Head Teachers Conference, an old friend advised him to contact Robert Sergent- Fairley.

The rest is History. Robert arrived and listened intently to the ideas, the ideals and the wishes of the School. Within a few days, Robert returned with one of his famous hand drawn designs which totally encapsulated all the Dreams of the Head, the Staff, the Parents and the Governing Body.

The School confirmed the Project and shortly after, Robert`s well known and highly acclaimed Team arrived to organise the work, which was completed within 4 weeks.

As with all of Robert`s school Projects, the finished result, according to the Head, was " absolutely amazing " and " even beyond my dreams." Comments from the pupils included " wow ", " oh my gosh, is that for real"," that is so cool ", " that is the best playground I have ever seen", " wait until my dad sees this"

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