A Playground Design and Installation at Cobourg EYFS School in Peckham London
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Cobourg EYFS School in Peckham London - £110,000

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Peckham School - EYFS Playground – cost £ 80,000.00

Transformation of an old open asphalt playground into an Early Years, all day, all year Magical Outdoor Play and Learning Area.
The emphasis in this Early Years playground is on a medley of All Year Interest Trees, Bamboos, Palms, Shrubs, Flowering Climbers and Sensory plants.
This area was divided by plants, into “rooms” which contain a Mud Kitchen, a Quiet Garden, a Multipurpose Pavilion, a Multiplay platform, Climbing Activity items, a Tree House, a Playhouse, 2 Polycarbonate Roof Covered play areas, a Ball Play area, a Sand Pit with roof, raised Timber Planters, low bench seats and a vegetable/fruit garden.
The whole playground is further softened by a lush Artificial Grass which extends throughout and around all the “rooms”.

Letter from Siobhan Quinn – Acting Head Teacher:

I have been down looking at the amazing transformation that is now so well underway.
We are SO SO SO delighted with all that your charming team are doing.
I am really excited for our children. This is going to be such a wonderful play and learning environment.
So – a huge thank you to you and your team’s hard work and professionalism in the project thus far!
I am delighted at the quality of the work and the level of finish that I can see your team are working towards.
Incidentally, as you know, I was somewhat sceptical about the idea of Palm trees in this Playground. Well now that they are in place, I think they are wonderful and blend together perfectly with all your fantastic plants.
This is going to be a true Wonderland for our children and I cannot wait to see their faces when they return next term.

Quote from Tamsin McFarlane – Head of EYFS:

I wanted an Original and Natural Playground with “Outdoor Rooms” for the children.
Well you really have produced this in an exceptional fashion.
I was told that you were different from all the other Playground companies and you certainly are!
Your designs are amazing and the results from your highly gifted team are beyond words.
Thank you once again for having made the Dreams come true for myself and all our extremely lucky children.

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