Innovative use of fantasy mosaics in playground design - an alternative to playground markings
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Sensory Mosaic Playground in London £66,000

The brief was to design and install a sensory mosaic playground to replace the rather jaded tarmac and flag paving. Using recycled and sustainable materials Robert and his team exceeded expectations to produce a wondrous play area full of magical mosaic patterns, varying in texture, shape and colour. Playground mosaics are a ground breaking innovation, introduced in the UK by Robert Fairley, the director of School Playground Designers. Young children adore these fantasy mosaic playgrounds and spend lots of time making up games using the rectangular and circular patterns.

Sensory Mosaic PlaygroundMosaic Playground

Being made of stone, the mosaic playgrounds will last forever, without fading. For this reason they are a cost effective alternative to the normal types of playground markings. Click on the images below to see a slide show. You may also be interested in having a look at our Main Playground Portfolio.

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