Affordable Covered Walkways are a fantastic alternative to expensive canvas coverings and last much longert
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Covered Walkways for School Playgrounds

This walkway and sitting area was constructed as an alternative to the customary canvas sail which many schools have previously used.

Covered WalkwayThe problem with these canvas awnings is that they are extremely expensive, they are not waterproof and they only have a short lifespan.

Our See Through outdoor roofs are inexpensive, are waterproof and they last a lifetime. We can construct this style of Outdoor School Roof at any height and any length and any width.

This type of structure can be a Sheltered Walkway between Classrooms or between School Buildings of any distance apart.

Alternatively this roof can be free standing to provide an all weather shelter for School Children or for persons delivering or collecting children.

Likewise this roof can be constructed off a School wall to form a Waterproof Lean To structure and thus to act not only as a place of shelter but also as an Outdoor Classroom.

All Natural Play and Outdoor Learning Areas are constructed from Sustainable Timber from Renewable Sources

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